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Hopper Stall Aufstiegshilfe

HOPPER® - passion leads to vision


about us



is a Möllering Gummi- und Kunststofftechnik brand. Guided by our principles of Tradition and Innovation since the company’s beginning in 1932, we have become a specialist in the fields of rubber, plastic and foam products.


In partnership with our sister company, TSW Thenhausen Injection Molding and Mold Making, we develop and manufacture products for various industries, including the chemical and medical sector. We are known for our innovative solutions.



Passion leads to vision

The passion for the equestrian sport has long been a family affair. This experience alongside our specialist knowledge of the materials rubber, plastic and foam led to the vision of creating innovative equestrian products.


With this aspiration we created the HOPPER®: a game-changing mounting block for riders. With its lightweight material and no sharp edges, the Hopper sets the bar in terms of safety, weight, and functionality.



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Hopper® brochure

You are welcome to download our image brochure in englisch and german.




Personalize your Hopper

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Unser Hopper bietet kinderleichtes Handling

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Safety first

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Leichtes und sicheres Aufsteigen - jetzt mit noch verschleißfesterer Oberfläche!

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