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Hopper Stall Aufstiegshilfe

HOPPER® the mounting aid with innovative foam technology for equestrian sports





The HOPPER® sets the bar in terms of safety, weight and functionality. Where other products made of wood or plastic require a compromise between stability and lightness, the HOPPER® delivers both.


How do you make getting on the horse both safe and comfortable? Many climbing aids are heavy and unwieldy, provide stability, but at the same time carry a risk of injury to the horse. A wrong step of the horse to the side can be enough to damage the horse's legs. And every rider knows the worries about the tendons and bones of his horse... The HOPPER® offers absolute safety and practical climbing comfort!


Using innovative foam technology, the HOPPER® minimizes the risk of injury to the horse whilst allowing for a safe and easy mount. And all that with only 2,8 kg. The HOPPER® is therefore suited for children, equestrian lessons or therapeutic horse back riding.


  • No sharp edges
  • Safety for horse and rider
  • Easy mounting of a horse
  • Easy transportation


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THE Standard HOPPER®

Our standard hopper is made of foam and weighs about 3 kg. It is light and practical for easy handling in the barn. The Hopper-Original - whether climbing, braiding, hairdressing, cleaning or simply as a seat, the Hopper is needed everywhere. Due to the foam which contributes to the special lightness of the Hopper, traces of use are unavoidable by everyday use.

PRICE Standard HOPPER®: 164,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs


The HOPPER® Plus

The HOPPER® Plus is the standard Hopper with an additional sealing of the treads. This protects the surface of the Hopper from scratches. The Hopper Plus is an extension of our Standard Hopper. Form and weight are identical for both hoppers, the coating of the treads makes the difference. The coating reduces signs of wear on the treads and is easy to clean - so the Hopper remains an eye-catcher in the stable!

PRICE HOPPER® Plus: 194,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs


The HOPPER® Professional

The HOPPER® Professional is also made of foam and weighs approximately 5 kg. A rubber grooved mat is applied to the treads, which increases stability and protects the Hopper from wear and tear during heavy use. The grooved rubber mat is easy to clean and the grooves provide an additional resistant surface. When used frequently, the Hopper Professional is just the right hopper in the stable!

PRICE HOPPER® Professional: 198,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs



The three-step Hopper® XXL offers the greatest possible ease of access at a height of 75.00 cm. The wide bottom step ensures maximum stability. The grooved rubber mat on the treads protects against signs of use from daily use.

PRICE HOPPER® XXL: 394,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs via forwarding agency




HOPPER® PRICES in the overview

  • Standard HOPPER®: 164,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs
  • HOPPER® Plus: 194,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs
  • HOPPER® Professional: 198,99 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs
  • HOPPER® XXL: 394,99 € incl. VAT. plus shipping via forwarding agency


Shipping costs

Please note that shipping of HOPPER® within Germany will incur shipping costs of 12,20 €/piece incl. VAT. We have alternative delivery conditions for orders of more than 10 pieces, for a delivery abroad or for the Hopper XXL. Here you can view our general terms and conditions.



Individual print on the front: 25,00 € incl. VAT

You want to personalize your hopper? We are happy to label your hopper, e.g. with your name in white color on the front. Currently only characters are possible, an image option is planned. Labeling with longer names causes a break on several lines.

Here is an example of your individual hopper:







The Standard HOPPER®, HOPPER® Plus and HOPPER® Professional all have the following dimensions:





Hopper® brochure

You are welcome to download our image brochure in englisch and german.