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Hopper Stall Aufstiegshilfe

Hopper - the versatile climbing aid at fair prices


Quality and Services


We offer you the versatile climbing aid HOPPER® at these prices:


Scaled Prices

  • 1 unit 164,99 € incl. VAT

Shipping costs

Please note that when shipping HOPPER® within Germany shipping costs amount to 10,25€ / piece. If you order more than 10 pieces or order from abroad, we offer alternative delivery conditions. Here you can see our terms and conditions.



additional options

  • Protective layer on the treads: 30,00 € incl. VAT

We recommend our PU protective layer on the treads if your hoppers are subjected to high levels of stress. Everyday traces of wear are unavoidable, but the protective layer visibly reduces the traces.


  • Customization: 25,00 € incl. VAT

You want to personalize your hopper? We are happy to label your hopper, e.g. with your name in white color on the front. Currently only characters are possible, an image option is planned. Labeling with longer names causes a break on several lines.


Here is an example of your individual hopper:



With one click you can enlarge the picture:

Tips for usage

Make sure the HOPPER® is always placed on level ground.


Prevent the HOPPER® from tilting.


The maximum load is 100 kg.


The surface can be slippery in wet conditions. Use with caution.


Please check for surface defects and make sure the HOPPER® is save to use.


Always step in the center of the HOPPER®’s fluted tread surface


Lift the HOPPER® with both hands to avoid any tearing of the material.


Minor of usage (small cracks and dents) are possible because of the lightweight material.


Do not let animals unsupervised when near the HOPPER®, the material should not be eaten.


Keep the Hopper away from cats: they love the HOPPER® and mistake it for a scratching post.




Hopper® brochure

You are welcome to download our image brochure in englisch and german.